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The McDuffie Family


McDuffie Family by Generation:

Dr. James T. McDuffie Jr

Dr. James T. McDuffie Jr,
Helena Montana

This is the break down by generation for the McDuffie family as far back as any of our records will allow us to go. The links here are mainly to the living relatives various facebook pages, as well as any of our memorial pages for those that we have lost but not forgotten.

Extended/Additional Family:

This section includes all of the other families that we also consider a part of the McDuffie family, either by marriage or because they have been large parts of who our family is, even without the blood relation.

  • Heyder Family

    1. Katie Heyder-McDuffie
      1. Husband: Steve Heyder
      2. Daughter: Makala Heyder
      3. Daughter: Aliyah Heyder
      4. Daughter: Sydney Heyder
  • Roque Family

    1. Desiderio Zaragosa Roque
      1. Wife: Teresita Esquivel Roque
      2. Daughter: Gloria Lourdes Roque-Reyes
        1. Husband: Allan Reyes
        2. Daughter: Malia Reyes
        3. Daughter: Marissa Reyes
        4. Son: Alexander Jase Reyes
      3. Daughter: Kimberly Victoria Roque-McDuffie (family above)