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Family History

James Thomas McDuffie, Sr. and Lucile Hawkins McDuffie - March 20, 1956

by Lucile Hawkins McDuffie

I, Lucile H. McDuffie, was born about seven miles from Traverse City, Michigan, on the peninsula, March 23, 1877.

My father, James DeLong Hawkins was born, I believe, at Pentwater, Michigan, June 29, 1840. He died at Traverse City, Michigan, September 13, 1926.

My mother’s maiden name was Ann Hall, She was born June 1, 1845, between two towns, Lincoln and Boxton, in Lincolnshire, England. She died at Traverse City, Michigan, July 22, 1900. She married James D. Hawkins in October, 1863. She, at the age of 18, and he 33 years of age.

My father and mother had five children as follows:

  • My brother William Raphael Hawkins, born at Walworth, Wis. March 5, 1865, and died near Travers City, Michigan, March 2, 1949, and was buried at Ogdensburg, Michigan on his birthday, March 5, 1949. He was 84 years of age at the time of his death.
    1. My brother had a daughter, Leona Hawkins, who married James Annas (now deceased). Her address is 530 Cherry St., c/o Lottie Myers, Petoskey, Michigan.
    2. My brother also had one son, Frank J. Hawkins, who lives at Old Mission, Michigan. His address is 124A, Traverse City, Michigan. The above Frank J. Hawkins had the following children:
      1. Mrs. Clifford (Fredith) Somerville - 3 children - 298A, Gaylord, Michigan.
      2. Mrs. Howard (Dorothy) Nedilo - 4 children - 4438 Marshal St, Pontiac, Michigan
      3. Raymond Hawkins - 1 child - 422½ Garfield, N. W., Grand Rapids, Michigan.
      4. Mrs. Ralph (Eva) Ryerson - 3 children - 888 Ken Ross St., Traverse City, Michigan.
      The ages of the above are as follows: Fredith, 35 years; Dorothy, 34 yrs.; Raymond, 31 yrs.; Eva, 28 yrs.
    3. William R. Hawkins adopted a baby boy. The baby’s mother was sister of my brother’s wife. The mother was using an oil stove which exploded and killed her. Hence the adoption. The baby was named Paul. Hawkins and lives at 2820 Pine Grover Ave., Traverse City, Michigan.
  • My sister Lillian Hawkins, died at age ten years of age of diphtheria, 1877.
  • My brother, Frank Hawkins, died on his eighth birthday of diphtheria and spinal meningitis, November 8, 1877, either two weeks before or after my sister Lillian. He was a natural born musician,
  • I was the fourth child. I had three children as follows:
    1. James Thomas, Jr., born Dec. 22, 1910 at Sandpoint, Idaho, with Dr. Warner in attendance. Dr. McDuffie is now practicing medicine and surgery at Newcastle, Wyoming. He received his M.D. degree from the Co1lee of Medical Evangelists at Loma Linda and Los Angeles, California in 1939. He was married to Kathryn Irene Bom, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bom of Anchorage, Kentucky. He has three children:
      1. Son, James Thomas McDuffie, Third, born Mar. 2, 1955, at Denver, Colorado. James married Susan Jean Gau, of El Toro, California. They have three children:
        1. Daughter Katrina Anne McDuffie-Heyder, born Oct. 15, 1980 in Westminster, California, and married to Stephen Heyder, of San Diego, California. They have three daughters: Makala Marie Heyder, born March xx, 2009, and twins Aliyah Jade Heyder and Sydney, born Jan. xx, 2011.
        2. Son James Thomas McDuffie IV, born November 18, 1981 in Westminster, California. James married Kim on June ??, 2013. Kim has two sons (Hunter and David) by her first marriage. James and Kim had a son, James Thomas McDuffie V, born Nov 29, 2012.
        3. Scott Andrew McDuffie, born September 24, 1985 in Kirkland, Washington.
      2. Daughter Mary Eileen McDuffie, born July 31, 1956, at Rapid City, North Dakota.
      3. Son David Lloyd McDuffie, born April 14, 1962 at Ile Ife, Nigeria, West Africa. David has a daughter, Glory Smith. David married Lorith Graham.
    2. My second son, Bryan Mansfield, was born August 7, 1912 at Sandpoint, Idaho, end is now living at Lewiston, Idaho. Dr. Patterson attended at his birth. Bryan has four children as follows:
      1. Dorothy Lee McDuffie, born November 30, 1933, at Helena, Montana. Now Mrs. Leland Y. Wilson, living at 4907 Lowell St., Lincoln 6, Nebr.
      2. Warrine F. McDuffie, born Jan. 25, 1935, now resides at Conard Hall, Walla Walla College, College Place Washington.
      3. Bryan Mansfield McDuffie, Jr. born October 16, 1937; now deceased.
      4. Lorae Jean McDuffie, born April 5, 1944. Now resides at Walla Wella Washington.
      Bryan’s children were all born at Helena, Montana. Bryan M. McDuffie, Sr., married Dorothy Wood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Wood of Helena, Montana. He later married. Emma Fjarli, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fjarli of Corning, California. Bryan was Tribune Staff photographer at Lewiston, Idaho.
    3. My third son, Sharon Belgrave, was born March 15, 1914 at Sandpoint, Idaho with Dr. Stackhouse attending. Sharon lives at Helene, Montana. He graduated, cum laude, from Walla Walla College in 1945. He received his master’s degree in 1954. Sharon married Louise Smith, daughter of Mr. Harry Smith of Helena, Montana. To this union was born one daughter, Barbara Louise McDuffie. She was born Dec. 12, 1934. Her address is 7519 South 27th Street, Tacoma, Washington. Later, Sharon married Joyce Stubblefield, daughter of Mr. end Mrs. Archie C. Stubblefield of Anaconda, Montana. To this union was born one daughter, Jane on the 6th day of June, 1946, in Helena, Montana.
  • My sister, Irene Hawkins was born Hay 27, 1883, at Traverse City, Michigan, end died at the same piece Jan. 6, 1944, of diabetes and dropsy at the age of 61 years. She was the youngest of the five children. She married Donald Wilson of the peninsula who was killed in an auto accident Oct. 22, 1932. Irene had nine living children at the time of her death as follows:
    1. McKinley Wilson, deceased April, 1951.
    2. Mrs. Charles Lerner (Lillilan) - two children - 338 Mason Ave., Muskegan, Mich.
    3. Mrs. Clyde Childs (Ellen) seven sons - 231 Shelby Ave. S.W, Grand Rapids, Mich.
    4. Mrs. Raymond DeLora (Jessie) - 1 daughter, 2 sons, 1912 7th St., Traverse City, Mich.
    5. Mrs. Andrew Pope (Evelyn) - one daughter, 816 E. 8th St., Traverse City, Mich.
    6. Mrs. Lawrence Stanek (Dorothy) - no children; 728 E. State St., Traverse City, Mich.
    7. Peter Wilson, Detroit, Mich. Two daughters.
    8. Ted Wilson, Tustin, Mich. Two daughters.
    9. Betty Wolcott - 3 girls.

James Thomas McDuffie, Sr., the founder of our branch of the House of McDuffie was born at Rushville, Indiana, Dec. 4, 1857, and died at Helena, Montana, July 19, 1928, of cerebral hemorrhage and was the father of the sons above mentioned. Only children of James T. McDuffie and Lucile H. McDuffie.

He practiced law in Florence, Kansas; Chicago; Denver; and Sandpoint, Idaho.

Harriet Beckner, the maiden name of the mother of James T McDuffie, Sr., was born in Fleming Co., Kentucky, June 1, 1824, and died in Indiana, April 29, 1912.

Fielding Delaplane McDuffie, father of James T. McDuffie, Sr., was born near Shelbyville, Indiana, Feb. 5, 1821, and died at Crawfordsville, Indiana, August 3, 1900.

Harriet Beckner and Fielding Delaplane McDuffie were married June 23, 1842. Enoch McDuffie was grandfather of James T. McDuffie, Sr.

Henson, Greenbury, and Ellsbury McDuffie were brothers of Fielding McDuffie. Ellsbury McDuffie …

James T. McDuffie, Sr. had several brothers: Henson, Will, Joseph and Clark. He had one sister, Maranda Conaway. Now all are deceased. Maranda had one son, Harry Conaway. He was born Sept. l0, 1891. His father, Will Conaway, died Oct. 9, 1924.

Henson McDuffie had one daughter, June Bates and one son, Ely McDuffie. Henson lived at 1030 Diversy Parkway, Chicago.

Gabriel McDuffie dedicated the Christian Church at Arlington, Indiana, October 1, 1825. The one hundredth anniversary of the dedication was celebrated at Arlington, Oct. 2, 1925. “The church was founded by Gabriel McDuffie and a few other men.” Gabriel McDuffie was the uncle of Fielding McDuffie, the grandfather of my children,

My grandparents on my fathers side:

My grandfather’s name was Anson Hawkins and my grandmother’s name was Mary Hawkins. They seemed to have lived the greater part of their lives at Pentwater, Michigan and died there also. According to the records found in an old Bible, he was born in 1803 and grandmother was born in 1805. They were both born in Vermont. Grandfather was 104 years old and grandmother was near the century mark.

My Parents:

My father and mother lived on a peninsula in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. Traverse City is at the head of the peninsula.

My father, James DeLong Hawkins had several brothers and sisters, fourteen in all, I have been told, I can only name a portion of them; some of them seem to have died in early childhood. These lived to maturity: James, my father; Cornelious, Benoni, Charles, Henry, Abner, and sisters Elizabeth (Libby) and Henrietta.

In Chicago a boat known as the “lady Elgin” had been chartered to take a group of School students out for a picnic. Something happened and the boat sank in the harbor, I believe. My father’s brother Henry, a cabinet maker in Chicago, went out to help save possible survivors and missed the rope that was thrown to rescue him and he was drowned. He sacrificed his life to save others. “Greater love bath no man than this, that a men lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13.

My father’s brother Benoni, lived just south of us on a peninsula which was about 18 miles long and three or four miles wide and was situated between East Bay and. West Bay, arms of take Michigan. We lived about seven miles north of Traverse City. Here at Traverse City was located the High School from which I graduated in 1897.

Uncle Ben had several children as follows: Anson, Elijah, Theresa, Janie and Nettie. Nettie married Albert Courtade; she had one daughter and lived near Traverse City, Michigan.

Uncle Ben’s son, Anson Hawkins, lived at Bengonia, Mich., Route 1. On Christmas Day, 1937, Anson had been married 39 years. He was 78 years of age March 17, 1938. His address was George Hawkins, Route 1, Benzonia, Mich.

Anson’s oldest daughter (my second cousin) taught at the Normal at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, She also taught at ?Manistique High School and Petoskey High School. Her husband was Supt. of Schools at Detroit,

Hattie Hawkins, wife of Uncle Benoni, was Nettis’ mother. Janeie Hawkins, daughter of Uncle Benoni, was believed to have been murdered by her husband, Alex Bald, a drunkard.

McDuffie Branch of Family (again):

We recall that Fielding McDuffie was the father of James T. McDuffie, Sr. and that Fielding, Henson, Greenbury and Elsbury McDuffie were brothers,

Effie E. Woodard was the daughter of Elsbury McDuffie and Dacia Helen McDuffie. Effie wrote a letter in Shelbyville, Indiana, Jan. 27. 1926, in which she stated that her mother would be 93 years old the 7th of the coming July in 1926 and “was very active and got around real well.” Effie goes on to say (in this same letter) “Sure my father kept the toll gates -- three roads that center into Shelbyville. He kept the gates for about forty years. Just across the bridge and we are in Shelbyville.” Effie continues to writes “My father, Elsbury McDuffie, had three sisters, Aunt Rachel Hollar, Aunt Polly Gordon, and Aunt Emily Lough. They have been dead many years.”

Effie E. Woodard had one brother, Andrew McDuffie and one sister, Emma L. Hendriks. Her address is R.R. 10, Box 3, Shelbyville, Indiana.

Effie’s Aunt Emily’s oldest son, Barton English, lives at 1204 W, Wabash, Crawfordsville, Indiana. His daughter, Cora English Newlin, lives at 518 N Washington St., Bicknell, Indiana.

Bertha Kirkham, daughter of Will McDuffie, (one of my husband’s brothers) lived in Los Angeles until recently. She had a sister, Doad.

Here is a list of the names of the brothers and sisters of James T. McDuffie, Sr. (my husband) who arrived at maturity:

  1. Henson T. McDuffie, Born March 28, 1845
  2. William H. McDuffie, born March 11, l847; died April 25, 1892
  3. Molly A. McDuffie, Born Dec. 5, 1852; died Sept. 18, 1871.
  4. Joseph G. McDuffie, born Jan. 4, 1855
  5. James T. McDuffie, Sr., born Dec. 4, l857; died July 28, 1928.
  6. Maranda McDuffie, born Dec. 29, 1859
  7. Sandford C. McDuffie, born Dec. 5, 1861

My grandparents on my Mother’s side:

My grandfather, William Hall (father of my mother) was the first to come from England to the United States (Wisconsin) to earn funds to send back to grandmother, Lucy Hall, to come and bring the family consisting of John, little golden haired Mary, Jane, my mother Ann, and William. When Grandmother landed in the United States, she was handed a message saying that William Hail, her husband, had died. She had come from Eng]and on a slow sailing vessel which required weeks to make the trip instead of days as of now. It seems to me my mother told me (when I was a child) it took six months to make the trip, but my son Sharon says it couldn’t have required six months to make the trip in 1854. Even so, I could be mistaken; if so, I stand reproved.

Lucy Atkinson was my maternal grandmother’s name. She had married William Hall who died in Wisconsin. Later she married William Ambler. This Mr. Ambler served and died in the Civil War. Their oldest son, Robert Ambler, was born Sept. 24, 1855, and died March 31, 1935, in Grangeville, Idaho. Their remaining children, Ellen Ambler, Lizzie Ambler, and Edwin Ambler all passed away about the year 1877. These were all in their teens and I believe that scarlet fever and diphtheria took their lives.

Grandma Ambler was born in England in 1822 and passed away near Traverse City, Michigan, April 2, 1889. Her funeral test was “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” Ps. 90:12. She was a faithful Christian.

My mother’s maiden name was Ann Hall. Her sister, Jane, married George Margetts. She was born in England and died in Chicago, October 31, 1904. She was 61 years of age at the time of her death. Two of Aunt Jane’s children are living at this date, March 29, 1956. A daughter Lillian Skidinore is living at 623 South Kimball Ave., Caldwell, Idaho, Lillian was 75 years of age Feb. 24, 1956. Her brother, Dr. Frank Margetts, was 84 years of age Nov. 1 1955. His address is Dr. Frank R. Margetts, Chiropractor, D.C., 236 Bean Ave.,

George Margetts, father of Frank and Lillian, died in Chicago, Feb. 25, 1883, aged 54 years.

George and. Jane Margetts also had, in addition to the above named. children, William H. Margetts, who died March 7, 1903, aged 33 years, and George Margetts, Jr., who died April 3, 1903, aged 36 years. Also Harry K. Margetts, date of death 1919 believed to have been in his thirties. The above three sons died without children

But Dr. Frank Margetts had one son, Lester H. Margetts, 1iving in Missoula, Montana, and this son, had a son, Lester H. Margetts, Jr. who is a physician practicing medicine in Seattle, Washington. Frank also has five daughters as follows:

  1. Mrs. Wm. F. Begg (Ruth), Ventura, California
  2. Mrs. Anton Pavonia (Harriet), Albany, California.
  3. Mrs. Ruth Keagy (Dorothy), Ft. Billings, California.
  4. Mrs. Wm. F. Berlin (Violet), Richland, Wash.
  5. Mrs. Eleanor Cantor, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Frank’s sister, Lillian Skidmore, has three sons as follows: Raymond Hall Skidmore, 50 years of age in March 26, 1956. He has a position ln the office of Standard Oil Co., Casper, Wyoming.

Earl Oliver Skidmore, 49 years of age July, 1956, is District manager of Idaho Power Co., at Gooding, Idaho.

Marion Harold Skidmore was 42 years of age July 1, 1956. He is a Baptist minister in Portland, Oregon. His address is 4412 S. El 47th Ave., Portland, Oregon.

Lillian Skidmore says her mother, Jane Hall Margetts, was about 12 years of age when the family arrived in the United States from. England in 1854.

Very shortly after they arrived in this country, grandmother Lucy Hall was taken to the hospital with typhoid fever and the children were placed in private homes until grandmother (Lucy Hail) was able to travel again. Mulhollands, the family that had taken “little golden haired Mary” moved away, taking her with them without the knowledge or consent of her mother or any member of her family. This, of course, all happened in New York City where grandmother had landed when she came from England. Little Mary was never seen again by any member of her family and never heard from. She was a very beautiful girl with long golden curls.

John Hall, Sr., my mother’s oldest brother, married and. had the following children:

  1. Lucy Hall, now Lucy Betts, Acme, Washington.
  2. Lillian Hall, now Lillian Kluge, 2983 Plymouth Drive, Bellinghap, Washington, a. chiropractor; she was 70 years of age in 1955
  3. John Hall, Jr.
  4. George Hall
  5. Frank Hall.
The family home was at Helmville, Montana.

The Margretts branch of the family

George Margetts, Sr., and. his wife Jane Mall Margetts (my mother’s sister) were both born in England.

The brothers and sisters of George Margetts all came from England and located in Salt take City as pioneer Mormons. Many of the Margetts clan is still living in Salt Lake City.

Minnie Margetts, a cousin of Dr. Frank Margetts (Frank is my first cousin) was connected with an office of the Mormon Church in Utah. Frank says that years ago she took a special interest in tracing back the family history in connection with the genealogical records of the church; that is, the Margetts branch of it. The Mormon Church undoubtedly has the most complete record of the above branch if such record is available.