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Added a new page just for dad. Click on Family in the navigation, and then on Dad's name in the family tree list. Or click JT McDuffie III.
Soccer! So our boys Hunter and David are doing soccer this year instead of swimming as their primary sports. They join their cousin Makala in the Ayso Soccer league. Pictures to follow on Facebook!
NEW PAGE! That's right! I finally found an hour to actually put some basic templates together for the site. Still needs a lot of work, but there should be a lot of things coming soon! I want to get Katie's marathon schedule up here, as well as some nice links for our vacations and post some plans for our holiday schedules.
It saddens me to notify people that my father passed away on December 18, 2013. As I have taken over all of his domains I will be trying to update the website and make it a portal for all of the mcduffie family, our extended family and friends. This will be a site that will have links to how to get a hold of us, as well as a way to see what we have been up to and what we are up to. Please use the links to the left to see our facebook pages and our linked in profiles.
Just a note to the slow updates to the sites. Because I have a crazy schedule, between my 3 kids, dedication to my work, my wife working, and her currently attending her masters degree program, don't expect the updates to this site to come frequently. I will be trying to get things all put together and moving over the next couple of weeks. But the best way to keep updated on us is via Facebook and Linked in. I will put some pages together that will link to the broader list of McDuffie family members. As well as a dedication page to those we have lost, and a history page that will show what we know about our current lineage.
James McDuffie IV and Kim McDuffie, 2014 Hawaii

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